It’s All About The Dogs

At Canine Evolution we recognise that many much loved pet dogs are in need of professional help without the need for difficult or complicated training techniques that don’t work and often become discouraging and expensive for their owners.

Our team is made up of some of Australia’s most qualified dog trainers, who themselves are involved in training future dog trainers.

Working with all breeds and mixes of breeds in every imaginable environment and situation, our goal is to teach owners and their dogs how to understand each other which then removes the stress of dog ownership and removes the possibility of the dog being re-homed due to untrained bad behaviour.

Dogs are not aware that their behaviour is inappropriate to the public or their human families.

To them, it’s normal ‘dog behaviour’. They can’t understand what we humans expect of them which in turn causes them (and you!) stress and anxiety leading to what is considered ‘bad behaviour’.

Dogs are very fast learners and with proper training, will soon understand right from wrong. But we don’t create ‘robo-dogs’ – far from it. Canine Evolution training techniques include lots of fun for both you and your dog.

All dog owners who have utilised our training services have recognised the skill and professionalism of the Canine Evolution team and have been amazed with the outcomes they have achieved with their dogs.

We look forward to meeting you and your dogs and puppies soon.

Canine Evolution Staff