Glenn Cooke

Our highly respected head trainer, Glenn Cooke, has been successfully training people and their dogs for more than 23 years. His expertise ranges from basic obedience and behavioural problem solving for family pets right through to the highly specialised training and development of service dogs for military and police roles.

Over the expanse of his career, Glenn has learnt that to achieve the best and most reliable results, emphasis should always be placed on training the handlers of the dogs first. Once an owner is both comfortable and confident with what needs to be done, the dog will be a willing and enthusiastic participant.

Glenn places great importance on the bond between handler and dog and for that reason, uses enjoyable and highly motivating techniques when training. This approach ensures that both dog and owner are happy and that long-term success is achieved.

Glenn currently oversees two of Sydney’s premiere dog boarding and training facilities (Pet Resorts Australia), located in Dural and Terrigal, and has a long-standing career in the professional pet care and training industry.

Some of Glenn’s roles include breeding, socialisation and development, temperament assessment, obedience, agility, film and television, behavioural problem solving, and the advanced training of working dogs. Glenn is also regularly called on as an expert consultant in court hearings.

Using common sense techniques Glenn is able to quickly target and correct problem behaviours in dogs such as destructive chewing, digging, barking, jumping up and people and/or animal aggression. He is also experienced in de-sensitising dogs to fears and anxieties that may result from strangers, cars, noises, other dogs, storms, heights, stairs, or slippery floors – just to name a few.

Having at one stage owned six pet dogs of his own – all with very different personalities, Glenn is highly proficient and dedicated to helping owners manage ‘problem’ dogs, ensuring that they become a welcome, well-loved and long-term part of the family pack – both human and canine.

Glenn has formal qualifications in Dog Behaviour and Assessment, has a Certificate IV in Training and Assessment and is an active member of the National Dog Trainers Federation – a representative and educational organisation for the dog training industry, which has now become the national representative body in Australia for dog trainers from all fields. As part of his role with the NDTF, Glenn trains and lectures to students for the qualification of ‘Certificate III: in professional Dog Training and Behaviour’.

As busy as he is locally – it doesn’t end there! Glenn’s vast experience in the training and handling of explosive detection dogs for various law enforcement agencies has made him a highly sought after consultant internationally, where he is called on to train foreign military police groups in all things canine.

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Over the years Glenn has developed an in depth understanding of dogs and what motivates them. He is devoted to improving the relationship between owners and their dogs, ensuring at all times that the welfare of the dog is not compromised in any way.

Glenn is available for Private tuition by appointment only.

If you would like a lesson with Glenn please email us or call (02) 9651 1747.