If your dog is a working breed such as:

* German Shepherd Rottweiler Doberman Bull Terrier

* Cattle dog(Heeler) Border Collie Kelpie Hounds

* Mastiffs Labrador Ridgeback Retriever

* Malamute Terrier Akita Husky

or in fact any of the breeds that were designed to perform some type of work, then merely conventional obedience may not meet your training needs.

The working breeds tend to have strong instinctive drives, are often dominant or stubborn by nature and are prone to overreacting in certain situations, such as in crowds or when confronted with other dogs.

Obedience & Beyond

Obedience training is important for all breeds of dogs in the same way that going to school is important for all children. However, obedience training only teaches your dog new skills such as sit, lay down and to come when called, unfortunately the very high instinctive drives that we prize in the working breeds can work against us in this type of training.

Most dogs will obey their owners commands and behave reasonably well after completing an obedience course, however if the dog is a working breed this situation may well change if there are distractions and or a higher motivation nearby.

The normally friendly and obedient dog can overreact or even become an uncontrollable ratbag, chasing fast or erratically moving things or being aggressive.

Canine Evolution specialises in helping owners get these unwanted behaviours under your control so time with your dog is far more enjoyable and prevents unwanted attention from councils and unhappy neighbours