It’s All About You & Your Dog!

This is the ultimate if you require personal time and consulting with our highly experienced trainers to focus 100% on your requirements.

Many of our clients already have well trained dogs who just need that 1 on 1 time to go over a sticking point or to train an additional skill. Whatever the need, our professional team are looking forward to meeting you and your dog.

Some of the many skills we can help with are;

* Tips and Advice on Training and Behavioural Issues

* Toilet Training

* Babies, Children & Dogs

* Barking

* Puppy Biting & Nipping

* For the New Puppy Owner

* Digging

* Crate Training

* Adolescent & Adult Dogs

* Recall (Come When Called)

* Performance With or Without Food Treats

…and much more

Private consultations conducted in your home can be booked with any of our trainers.

Private lessons can focus on basic obedience, competition obedience, behavioural modification, trick training, or any other request. You can also come to one of our Resorts for a Private Lesson.

Subject to availability of your chosen trainer, we offer 30 to 60 minute sessions to work through whatever you need with your dog.

Your investment;

Sessions at your location start from $260 per hour

Sessions at our location start from $80 per 30 min session. Initial consultation is $130 for one hour.