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Nationally Accredited Canine Trainers

Q1. What training methods do you use?

As every dog is unique in personality, nature and breed characteristics, our training methods are tailored to each individual dog and handler team.  We use a variety of methods and equipment to achieve your personal goals, assessing what’s working best for you and your dog to obtain a more desirable outcome in the least invasive manner.

Q2. What training equipment do you use?

We, at Canine Evolution believe in a balanced training approach, we use a variety of different training tools and equipment based on what is best for you and your dog. Please see our (link to Merchandise page)Merchandise list for available products.

Q3. Do you guarantee results?

We train your dog in a controlled environment with great success however, this training must continue at home. Imagine this, as humans – we wouldn’t expect to go to the gym once and see great results immediately. But, if you go every day and make an active change your lifestyle, you start to see the end goal however will always need to maintain it. This is the same for training your dog, we help train you and your dog with the best foundation and help you reach your end goal with our ongoing coaching and support.

Q4. Will my dog always need a reward during training?

We like to answer this by asking you, the owner, would you go to work for free? Your answer would most likely be no! Most dogs will begin their training on a continuous schedule of reinforcement and then transition into a variable schedule of reinforcement. This means you’re keeping your dog on their toes, and rewarding every now and then to build resilience in your training.

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