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From Primates to Pet Care Services

from primates to pet care services
6 April 2023

Sian Gildon, the manager at Dural Pet Resorts Australia, possesses a unique professional background of working with exotic animals in zoos, which she leverages in her role of supervising staff members and delivering animal care services for dogs and cats while their owners are traveling.

One of the primary objectives of Sian is to provide individualized attention and care to every animal, which is a challenge in pet boarding facilities since different pets require different types of attention. To cater to this, Sian and her team collaborate with pet owners to understand their pets’ preferences and requirements, which helps them provide high-quality care.

Sian’s prior experience of working with exotic animals, particularly primates, gives her an edge in managing dog care since primates are intelligent and social animals and require a specific type of care and attention to stay healthy and happy. Similarly, dogs also require mental and physical stimulation to maintain their wellbeing, and Sian’s experience with primates enables her to provide them with activities like doggy daycare, dog training exercises, and playtime with other dogs.

Apart from providing personalized care, Sian also ensures that Dural Pet Resorts complies with industry standards and maintains an environment that is safe and comfortable for animals to rest and play in. Sian also ensures that all the staff members are well-trained and competent enough to tackle any challenge that arises

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