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Indiscriminate Chewing And Property Destruction

indiscriminate chewing and property destruction
27 March 2023

Indiscriminate chewing can be a frustrating behaviour, particularly with puppies and adolescent dogs. Chewing is a natural behaviour for dogs; we just need to ensure the dog is chewing the right things. Many dog owners have experienced the destruction of their belongings, from shoes to furniture, due to their furry friends’ chewing habit. This behaviour can be costly both from a monetary and welfare point of view.

There are several reasons why a dog may chew indiscriminately: insufficient exercise or stimulation, lack of management in the household, anxiety issues, lack of training & conditioning, a medical issue, or, most likely, a combination of reasons.

Aside from the inconvenience of property destruction, indiscriminate chewing can also be harmful to dogs. Chewing on certain non-food items can lead to digestive problems and even potentially life-threatening obstructions. Therefore, it is essential to discourage the behaviour to keep dogs safe and healthy.

It is crucial to identify the underlying cause of indiscriminate chewing to effectively modify the behaviour. Once this is established, a training and management plan can be established. A multi-faceted approach is generally required. This may involve providing more exercise and/or mental stimulation, managing areas of your house where the dog has access to reduce the likelihood of property destruction (shoes stored in boxes or cupboards, children’s toys put away, limiting access to furniture when not in direct supervision, etc.), providing alternate outlets such as ‘boredom buster’ slow-release food toys and seeking professional advice.

Indiscriminate chewing can be a frustrating, expensive, and potentially harmful behaviour in dogs. Identifying the underlying cause, implementing a management, and training plan can eliminate or greatly reduce the instance of indiscriminate chewing and property destruction. With patience and consistency, dog owners can help their dogs develop healthy chewing habits and protect their property and the dog’s well-being.

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