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Unbeknownst to us, our dogs spend 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, analysing us and our day to day routines, trying to determine the best course of action to obtain what they want from us or their environment. From food to toys or love and affection, our dogs have become the best human trainers in the world! They are also incredible opportunists, who act on instinct when amazing situations present themselves.How often has your dog managed to dash out of the door before you, or stolen your breakfast muffin from the coffee table while you rushed off to answer the phone?

We’re Nationally Accredited

Our nationally accredited canine trainers understand that a dog’s behaviour is (in part) a product of the regular, daily interactions that it shares with its humans. Our behaviour can affect our dogs in a number of ways – from setting important rules and boundaries, and increasing excitement or arousal, to reducing confidence and creating dependence or anxiety, leading to a number of complex behavioural issues. In other words, as dog owners we have the power to greatly affect our dogs and their emotions, for better or worse.

Guiding You In The Right Direction

Our underlying aim is to teach dog owners the correct ways in which to interact with and handle their individual dogs in real life situations, to help them become happy and stable canine companions and citizens. We know that a well trained dog is far more likely to be included in it’s family’s life and activities, accompanying them on regular walks or outings and interacting calmly and peacefully with friends, relatives and the general public.

It’s never too late to begin working on improving your relationship with your dog, whatever it’s age.

Our nationally accredited canine training team can help provide you with the foundation skills you will need to adjust your and your family’s interactions with your dog, and improve your dog’s manners generally while at home or when out and about.