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Safe Dog Handling, Apprehension & Bite Prevention

Do you work with dogs? Does your lifestyle through work and social activities regularly place you in contact with unfamiliar dogs?

We provide Bite Prevention and Safe Dog Handling workshops for dog industry professionals, animal management officers/rangers, outdoor workers, schools and community groups. Each course is specifically tailored to the individual needs of the group.

Animal Management Officers, Rangers, Outdoor Workers and Animal Attendants

We are Australia’s largest provider of vocational safe dog handling, apprehension & bite prevention training and the only industry provider whose instructors have actually worked in the animal management sector (local laws). Industry specific, specialised training workshops are conducted on:

  1. Visual indicators to a dogs mindset,
  2. Approaching unfamiliar dogs
  3. Safe dog handling
  4. Bite Prevention – What to do if approached by a potentially aggressive dog,
  5. What to do if attacked and injury minimisation.
  6. Correct utilisation of equipment; leads, snares, poles, shields, protective sleeves, stalls & bite bars,
  7. Apprehending aggressive dogs,
  8. Embarking & disembarking dogs on a vehicle

Training is conducted using model training aids highly trained dogs. We are able to provide workshops in most areas on the East Coast at your location or they can be conducted in-house at Canine Evolution in major cities.

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