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Have you ever heard the saying “give a man a fish and you will feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you will feed him for a lifetime”?

It is far more worthwhile to teach someone a skill, rather than continuously carry it out for them! That’s why at Canine Evolution, our team are passionate about teaching pet dog owners the best possible ways to spend quality time effecting change in their dogs.

Personalised Sessions

Our Private Lessons are personalised sessions aimed at teaching you appropriate training techniques so that you are able to communicate with your dog more effectively, or reduce and manage problem behaviours to prevent them from escalating further.

During these sessions, we dedicate our full attention to observing your dog outside of its home environment and speak with you in detail to help develop an understanding of your dog’s background and personality.  We can then discuss your goals with you and help set practical, realistic outcomes based on your personal or family lifestyle and commitments.

Common Behavioural Issues

We regularly work with owners who would like to further their dog’s basic obedience skillset or teach their dog tricks as enrichment activities, but also have extensive experience assisting with modifying common behavioural issues, such as (but not limited to):

  • General puppy annoyances;
  • Attention seeking;
  • Pulling on the lead;
  • Over excitability;
  • Calmly greeting people without jumping;
  • Leadership issues;
  • Lack of impulse control; and
  • Destructive behaviour.

Complex Behavioural Issues

Our training team also have experience working with more complex behavioural issues such as (but not limited to):

  • Aggression or reactivity towards people or other dogs;
  • Resource guarding of any nature;
  • Separation related behaviours;
  • Obsessive compulsive behaviours; and
  • Confidence development relating to fear or anxiety.
  • Our ultimate goal is to bring creativity and fun back into training obedience for both you and your dog, or identifying the cause of any concern or behavioural issue and work with you towards a realistic, positive and achievable outcome over time.

Your Investment

Sessions at any of our locations start from $195 for Common Behavioural Issues or $330 per hour for Complex Behavioural Issues. Alternatively, we can visit your location, where prices start from $330 for Common Behavioural Issues or $550 for Complex Behavioural Issues.

For existing customers, we also offer 30-minute private lessons at any of our locations for $120.

Take The Next Step

Ultimately, to experience change, you must implement change. Turn confusion into clarity. Reshape embarrassment into empowerment.  Contact us today.

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