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Some Facts Around Canine Cough

some facts around canine cough
3 March 2022

Managing Canine Cough can be a frustrating and dreaded experience for any business in the dog socialisation industry. The virus can spread quickly, with just one infected dog acting as a carrier and potentially starting a mini-outbreak. Although the illness is generally harmless, it can occasionally lead to more severe issues, making it important for a veterinarian to examine any affected dog. Canine Cough is characterised by a loud honking or repetitive hacking cough, sometimes accompanied by a dry retch, which can alarm owners who are unfamiliar with it.

Despite its name, Canine Cough is not limited to kennels and can spread in a variety of places where dogs gather, such as parks, beaches, play areas, veterinary clinics, daycare centres, and boarding facilities. The virus is easily transmitted through saliva or mucus and can be spread through sneezing and coughing. A dog can also contract the illness by sniffing or licking contaminated surfaces.

In a recent episode of the Podcast for Pet Carers, Dr. Rainbow of Aussie Mobile Vets shared her expertise on Canine Cough. With years of experience treating hundreds of cases of the virus, Dr. Rainbow offered valuable insights and advice for pet owners caring for dogs with the illness. She also highlighted other conditions that may present with coughing-like symptoms. Listen to the episode for helpful advice on dealing with Canine Cough.

Listen to our Chief Training Officer, Glenn Cooke chat all things canine cough in the below episode featured on The Podcast for Pet Carers

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