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We have a very excited/cheeky 6 month old Boxer puppy called Lemmy. Would be lost without the help/training from this amazing team. He loves the trainers and has learnt so much. Thanks team for supporting and loving him.


A few months ago we were lucky enough to adopt a gorgeous, vibrant and strong willed Maltese x Shihtzu named Lulu. I admit at first I was very sceptical but much to my surprise and delight I couldn't believe the change in her behaviour at our handover! She was very engaging and eager to please, walking well on loose lead and listening to commands.

in shipshape

Anna got our two crazy cockers in ship shape form - heeling, staying, dropping and even ignoring the birds they so want to chase. Canine Evolution are firm but gentle, always rewarding good behaviour and never punishing bad. I highly recommend them (and Terrigal Pet Resort too).
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