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The Benefits Of Training While Boarding Your Dog

10 February 2022

When you plan your dream holiday, you might take great care in choosing the perfect room with all the amenities like in-house movies, a spa bath, and a comfortable bed. But, do you spend the whole trip indoors or do you also plan to explore the local attractions, participate in water sports, and try new cuisines?

Staying inside for extended periods is not the norm when on vacation. That’s why, as pet care specialists, we encourage owners to consider training activities for their dogs while boarding with us. This can bring numerous benefits for your pet, including mental and physical stimulation, the opportunity to learn new skills or improve on existing ones, increased human companionship, and improved behavior upon return.

We are passionate about these recommendations because they have so many positive effects, including reducing stress. This is an important factor to consider because the thought of our pets being stressed can cause us to feel guilty and stressed about leaving them behind. But, it’s crucial to understand that stress is normal during changes and can’t be completely avoided. However, we can minimize it by providing as many positive experiences as possible during your pet’s stay.

With this perspective, you can enjoy your well-deserved break with peace of mind knowing that your furry friend will have a range of activities and essential skills training with our certified staff.

Contact us today to learn more about training while boarding your dog, or check out our Stay and Train programs on our website.

Listen to our Chief Training Officer, Glenn Cooke chat all things training while boarding your dog in the below episode featured on The Podcast for Pet Carers

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