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Nationally Accredited Canine Trainers


The Realities of Training 

Training for any dog is a lifelong process and it is vitally important that you continue a diligent training routine when taking your dog home, to ensure that your dog continues to improve in the home environment. 

Although we would love training with us to be a one stop shop, this just isn’t the case. Dogs are contextual and will continue to exhibit the same behaviours they demonstrated prior to training with us unless you make a change! 

Once your dog has completed their Stay and Train, it is relatively easy for you to continue on this same path BUT you must put in the time and effort, be consistent, and make a change to your old ways. “If you always do what you’ve always done, you will always get what you’ve always got” The Departure Lesson: Upon completion of the Stay and Train program, we invite you to book a time to come out to the resort and complete a departure lesson. This lesson is intended to show you the improvements your dog has made while training with us. During the lesson we will discuss our methods of training, the equipment used, and what your dog has achieved during its stay with us. 

You will then get some hands on experience learning new techniques, tips and tricks, while getting feedback from our trainer about your handling skills. It is at this point that you will have the opportunity to ask any additional questions you may have about your dog’s behaviour and training. 

As this departure lesson is such a crucial part of the Stay and Train, we do need the lesson to be free from distractions. Although we know kids are a major part of your family, it has been our experience that parents cannot fully concentrate on the information being given when kids are around. If it is at all possible, we ask that you try to come out to the resort alone. Otherwise, it would be great if you could bring a quiet but engaging activity for your kids to undertake when they are no longer interested in our discussion. 

We also ask that you bring with you a list of any questions you may have prior to coming to the departure lesson. You may also like to bring a pen and paper, just in case you want to take notes of any of the points discussed. The departure lesson can be overwhelming and a lot to take in, so making notes might help you along the way when you get home. 

Free Private Lessons and Advice: Canine Evolution recognises the importance of on-going training and because of this, we offer you free Private Lessons (the number depends on the length of stay) and free ongoing phone and email advice for the life of your dog. We want to ensure that when you take your dog home you are able to continue on the right path, and achieve the results you desire. If you are feeling confident and comfortable with your dog and are continuing to make improvements, we recommend you hold on to your Private Lessons and use them at a later date when you feel you have reached the ‘where to next?’ point. However, if you go home and hit a few speed bumps along the way, it would be best to use your Private Lessons sooner rather than later to iron out any kinks as soon as they happen. 

If you act on any problems as soon as they arise and get them under control immediately, they are much less likely to escalate over time. Private Lessons are also a great time to bring your kids along and have them work alongside your dog. If you have any questions but don’t feel you need to come into the resort for a Private Lesson, simply call or email us. As we will know your dog very well after completion of their Stay and Train, we may be able to give you some helpful tips over the phone, or if the issue is too complex we may recommend you come in for one of your Private Lessons. 


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