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Nationally Accredited Canine Trainers

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Our Mission

To provide the human connection with a better understanding of how their canine companion thinks, feels and learns.

How we can help you

The best path a trainer can place in any human/canine relationship is one of understanding each other holistically. With this belief in mind, you can spend more time enjoying your dog while living your best life together. That’s what we do.

About The NDTF

Our Canine Trainers are all nationally accredited with The National Dog Trainers Federation (NDTF). The NDTF was established in 1993 as a representative and educational organisation for the dog training industry.

The Federation is now the national representative body in Australia for dog trainers from all fields. Trainers of obedience dogs, sporting dogs, gun dogs, law enforcement dogs, detector and quarantine dogs, search and rescue, behaviour consultants etc are all represented by the NDTF.

One of our major aims is to provide a channel of communication for all dog trainers, resulting in ongoing education and mutual support. We also act as an adviser to Government, (State, Federal and Local), industry and the private sector.

Membership to the Federation has a wide range of benefits including formal recognition and accreditation to both the public and your peers in your area/s of expertise.

We encourage trainers to work together to promote higher levels of professionalism, integrity and communication.

The NDTF promotes and provides ongoing education in the many specialist fields of dog behaviour and training.

For more information visit www.ndtf.net.au