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Chief Training Officer

Glenn, an expert in dog training, has dedicated over three decades of his career to honing his skills and providing exceptional training to dogs and their handlers. His reputation as a leader in the pet and training industry is unmatched, with expertise spanning the scope from managing large training facilities to serving on influential pet and canine training boards and co-hosting one of the world’s most successful training podcasts.

Glenn’s approach to training places a strong emphasis on the handler, recognising that optimal results are achieved through empowering the human component of the handler-dog relationship. He employs highly motivating techniques that not only deliver results, but also strengthen the bond between handler and dog.

As the overseer of several premier dog boarding and training facilities in Sydney and now in Queensland, Glenn boasts an unparalleled wealth of experience in every aspect of professional pet care and training. His credentials are impeccable, holding a cert IV in TAE and active mentoring for the National Dog Trainers Federation. In this role, he trains and lectures the next generation of dog trainers, ensuring that the industry continues to advance and improve.

With a track record of solving even the most challenging problem behaviours Glenn is the go-to expert for dog owners seeking to make their beloved pet a well-behaved and cherished member of the family. He is constantly striving to stay ahead of the curve, always seeking to expand his knowledge and incorporate the latest and most innovative training methodologies.

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Training Supervisor

Verity is highly skilled in the field of behavioural modification, with extensive experience in working with reactive dogs and their handlers to effectively modify unwanted behaviours. Throughout her tenure in the industry, she has had the opportunity to work with a wide range of clients and dogs. Verity believes that it is not only essential to teach the dog the necessary skills, but also to educate the handlers on how to effectively work with their dogs, as this is crucial for achieving the best outcomes.

Verity also has personal experience with owning and living with fearful and aggressive dogs. Her first dog, a Blue Cattle named Yoda, inspired her to develop her skills as a canine trainer. Yoda, from a young age, began displaying problematic behaviours, including aggression towards other dogs and humans. Through three years of training, Verity and Yoda developed a strong bond and learned how to work together. Verity is dedicated to helping all dog owners develop a similar bond with their pets and ensuring that every dog lives a fulfilling life, regardless of its length.

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Canine Trainer

Steph is a highly skilled and experienced animal care professional who recently joined the team at Canine Evolution’s Dural HQ. She is currently completing a Cert III in Dog Behaviour and Training through the National Dog Training Association. With over 11 years of experience in the animal care and welfare industry, Steph has a wealth of knowledge and expertise in handling animals in various settings, including captive, companion, and medical research environments.

Steph holds a B.Sc. in cognitive, behavioural, and evolutionary biology from Macquarie University, which she obtained in 2013 while volunteering with the RSPCA. She also holds a Cert. II in Animal Studies and Cert. III Captive Animals from Sydney’s Taronga Zoo, which she completed in 2016. Her passion for both science and animals led her to pursue a career in medical research, where she worked as an animal technician and technical supervisor for the Children’s Medical Research Institute and the Children’s Cancer Institute in Sydney between 2014-2021. However, her true passion has always been animal behaviour and working with rehoming dogs at the RSPCA, which ultimately led her to pursue a career in dog training.

Steph is committed to helping dogs and their families live long, happy, and harmonious lives together. She brings a positive attitude, a broad range of technical skills, and an unwavering enthusiasm for helping dogs to live their best possible lives.

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Canine Trainer

Tim is a seasoned dog trainer with a lifelong passion for canine behaviour and training. From an early age, he was immersed in the training industry by his father who was a greyhound trainer. Tim’s fascination with working and hunting dogs led him to travel extensively and gain valuable experience in developing his skill set in behaviour and training.

His passion for behaviour and training was ignited when he acquired a serious working dog that challenged him to develop his skills further. Seeking guidance from experienced mentors in the training industry, Tim fell in love with the craft and his desire to learn more led him to pursue formal education at NDTF. There he gained valuable knowledge about the pet dog training industry, which solidified his lifelong passion in canine behaviour and training.

For the past three years, Tim has run a successful dog training business, honing his skills, and deepening his understanding of canine behaviour. He recently joined the Canine Evolution team, where he continues to apply his expertise and experience to help dogs and their owners achieve their training goals.

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Canine Trainer

April is a highly experienced and dedicated trainer in the pet industry, with an impressive track record spanning 10 years. Over the course of her career, April has amassed a wealth of knowledge in animal behaviour, nutrition, and health, making her a true expert in her field.

April’s passion for training began with running puppy schools and obedience classes for a weekly clientele of over 60 people. Her classes covered a wide range of skills, including social skills and obedience training, helping dogs and owners alike to regain confidence and strengthen their bond.

As an animal lover, April is deeply committed to helping dogs overcome any challenges they may face, drawing on her own experiences with her Great Dane, Castiel. After undergoing surgery at just 4 months old, Castiel suffered from extreme anxiety, highlighting the impact that a lack of confidence can have on the relationship between owners and dogs.

However, through her patience, dedication, and understanding, April was able to help her own dog overcome his anxiety, resulting in a stronger and more meaningful bond between them. This experience has only further fuelled April’s passion for training, as she seeks to help other owners and dogs live together in harmony and enjoy the best possible life together.

With her wealth of knowledge and unwavering commitment to helping dogs and owners alike, April is an invaluable asset to the pet industry and a true professional in every sense of the word.

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Canine Trainer

Lee, a distinguished professional with 7 years in the British Army’s Royal Regiment of Fusiliers, holds an impressive record, including an Afghan Tour and international deployments in Canada and Kenya. Notably, with a NASDU Level 2 certificate, Lee brings a unique blend of military discipline and global experience.

Transitioning to civilian roles, Lee served as a Prison Officer at HMP Hewell Cat B Remand Prison, showcasing resilience and professionalism in high-stakes situations.

In a subsequent 4-year stint as a Security Dog Handler, Lee, certified with NASDU Level 2, not only safeguarded high-profile clients but also excelled in team searches with his own personal dog. This additional skill highlights Lee’s exceptional crisis management and security expertise. With proven leadership from military service and a track record of success, Lee is a certified professional ready for any challenge.

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About The NDTF

Our Canine Trainers are all nationally accredited with The National Dog Trainers Federation (NDTF). The NDTF was established in 1993 as a representative and educational organisation for the dog training industry.

The Federation is now the national representative body in Australia for dog trainers from all fields. Trainers of obedience dogs, sporting dogs, gun dogs, law enforcement dogs, detector and quarantine dogs, search and rescue, behaviour consultants etc are all represented by the NDTF.

One of our major aims is to provide a channel of communication for all dog trainers, resulting in ongoing education and mutual support. We also act as an adviser to Government, (State, Federal and Local), industry and the private sector.

Membership to the Federation has a wide range of benefits including formal recognition and accreditation to both the public and your peers in your area/s of expertise.

We encourage trainers to work together to promote higher levels of professionalism, integrity and communication.

The NDTF promotes and provides ongoing education in the many specialist fields of dog behaviour and training.

For more information visit www.ndtf.net.au

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