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Our highly respected head trainer, Glenn Cooke, has been successfully training people and their dogs for more than 28 years. His expertise ranges from running and managing large training facilities, through to serving on boards in the pet and training industry and co-hosting one of the world’s most successful training podcasts.

Over the expanse of his career, Glenn has learned that to achieve the best and most reliable results, emphasis should always be placed on training the handlers of the dogs first. Once an owner is both comfortable and confident with what needs to be done, the dog will be a willing and enthusiastic participant as it enhances the ability to communicate effectively.

Glenn places great importance on the bond between handler and dog and for that reason, uses enjoyable and highly motivating techniques when training. This approach ensures that both dog and owner are happy and that long-term success is achieved.

Glenn currently oversees two of Sydney’s premier dog boarding and training facilities (Pet Resorts Australia), located in Dural and Terrigal, and has a long-standing career in the professional pet care and training industry.

Some of Glenn’s roles include; PSA competitor, trial judging for nose works, aggression management, puppy raising and development, socialisation and environmental conditioning, temperament assessment, advanced obedience, film and television, behavioural problem solving, and the advanced training of working dogs. Glenn is also regularly called on as an expert consultant in court hearings for problematic dogs.

Using common sense techniques Glenn is able to quickly target and correct problem behaviours in dogs such as destructive chewing, digging, barking, jumping up and people and/or animal aggression. He is also experienced in de-sensitising dogs to fears and anxieties that may result from many conditions during the dog’s upbringing.

Glenn is highly proficient and dedicated to helping owners manage ‘problem’ dogs, ensuring that they become a welcome, well-loved and long-term part of the family pack – both human and canine.

Glenn has formal qualifications in Dog Behaviour and Assessment, has a Certificate IV in Training and Assessment and is an active member of the National Dog Trainers Federation – a representative and educational organisation for the dog training industry, which has now become the national representative body in Australia for dog trainers from all fields. As part of his role with the NDTF, Glenn trains and lectures to students for the qualification of ‘Certificate III: in professional Dog Training and Behaviour’, and has assisted in training over a thousand students in this role

Glenn has an active belief that trainers should always be upskilling their knowledge and always learning what’s new and what’s possible.  It’s not enough to do one training style under one person and call it complete. Training dogs is a serious profession that requires trainers to have up to date knowledge in behaviour and modern methodologies.


I have been in love with all animals since I was young. I was brought up on a farm with a vast variety of animals. I started off in retail working at many different pet shop companies whilst studying various animal courses. I then started to see that there was a huge industry for training dogs which then sparked my interest for studying to become a dog trainer.

I then enrolled and completed my Certificate III in Dog Training and Behaviour through the National Dog Training Federation, which led me to Canine Evolution. At this point I have 5 rescue dogs, 4 of which are family pets and 1 named Noodle who is a pocket rocket 1 year old Kelpie cross. 

My passion is to help people learn that a great dog isn’t born, it is made and that’s through teaching and bonding through training.

My achievements so far include: 

  • National Dog Trainers Federation (NDTF) Certificate III in Dog Behaviour and Training
  • Teaching for the National Dog Training Federation
  • Certificate III in Captive Animals
  • Certificate II in Animal Studies
  • Josh Moran Seminar 
  • Glenn Cooke Seminar 
  • Chad Mackin and Jay Jack Workshop
  • Forrest Micke and Josh Moran Seminar
  • Hanns Ebbers and Esther Schalke Seminar
  • Meagan Karnes Engagement in Drive Seminar 
  • Bravery Workshop


I have had a passion for animals since I was a child. It all started on my Aunty’s farm and only strengthened as the years went on. First with the family dog, a Labrador, and eventually with a Central Bearded Dragon and a Connemara Pony! 

I started my career with animals in the Equine industry working first as a stable hand and then as a riding instructor for 4 years before discovering my passion for dogs and not long after, canine training. 

Since discovering my path in the canine industry, I continue to work hard to further my knowledge each and every day!

My achievements so far include: 

  • National Dog Trainers Federation (NDTF) Certificate III in Dog Behaviour and Training
  • Jay Jack GRC Dog Sport Seminar
  • Jerry Bradshaw Controlled Aggression Dog Training Seminar
  • Bachelor of Natural Science (Animal Science)
  • Certificate III in Animal Studies
  • NCAS Equestrian Australia Introductory Coaching Certificate/Horse Management/General Riding
  • ASADA Anti-Doping Level 1 Course
  • Attained a Queen Scout Award


I grew up in the Northern Rivers always surrounded by animals. My parents rescued a red Kelpie we named K9 (like from Dr Who) from out the front of a simple shop in Nimbin. She was such a beautiful girl and I have had an affinity with Kelpies and all dogs ever since. 

Before coming to Canine Evolution I was a Pet Store Manager and Puppy School Trainer, we had a big focus on family and very close relationship with rescue groups finding homes for guinea pigs, rabbits, cats and hosting adoption days for dogs. I wanted to be able to really help these animals and prevent the dogs from being surrendered due to unwanted behaviour. I became a dog trainer so I can help people and their dogs have a stronger connection and build a more understanding relationship.

Dogs need us as humans to be their guides and I feel so grateful to be able to work with them everyday, building a bond and communication through training.

As a dog trainer there is constantly more to learn every single day.

My achievements so far include:

  • National Dog Trainers Federation (NDTF) Certificate III in Dog Behaviour and Training
  • Andrew Clarke Dangerous Dog Handling Course
  • Jay Jack Gameness and Relationship workshop
  • IACP Conference in USA
  • Josh Moran and Forrest Micke Retreat