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Give your puppy the right start in life with our Puppy School, held at selected affiliated resorts.

We’re excited to introduce our Puppy School designed specifically for puppies aged 10 weeks to 6 months (for smaller breeds) and 10 weeks to 4 months (for larger breeds). Our comprehensive course covers foundational skills, confidence building, domestic training, shaping behaviours, and behaviour management to ensure your puppy grows into a well-rounded and obedient companion.

Next Intake

Saturday 4th May at 10amPet Resorts Australia Dural: 425 Galston Road, Dural NSW 2158

Tuesday 7th May at 6pmPet Resorts Australia Townsville: Cnr. Bruce Highway & Saunders Beach Rd. Yabulu, Townsville Qld 4818

Course Contents

Week 1 – Initial Session and Familiarisation

  • Course Briefing: Get an overview of the course’s objectives, benefits, and layout.
  • The Significance of Early Socialisation: Understand the critical window of puppy socialisation and its long-term impact on your puppy’s adult behaviour.
  • Reinforcement Training Overview: Learn about the reinforcement training methods we’ll employ throughout the course.

Week 2 – Social Skills and Elementary Etiquette

  • Socialisation Practice: Facilitate introductions among puppies to foster their social development.
  • Foundation Commands: Teach basic commands like “Sit”, “Stay” and “Come.”
  • Bite Moderation Training: Help puppies regulate their biting strength.

Week 3 – Compliance and Confidence Enhancement

  • Progressed Commands: Move on to more complex commands like “Leave it” and “Down.”
  • Confidence Augmentation Activities: Expose puppies to varied surfaces, heights, and noises to boost their confidence.
  • Lead Behaviour: Train puppies for polite behaviour while on a lead.

Week 4 – Domestic Training and Behaviour Management

  • Domestic Training Guidance: Learn strategies for effective house training.
  • Behavioural Issue Resolution: Address common issues like excessive chewing, barking, and digging.
  • Crate Familiarisation: Introduce puppies to crate training for secure and comfortable confinement when needed.

Week 5 – Advanced Compliance and Shaping Behaviours

  • Command Consolidation: Continue practicing and reinforcing previously taught commands.
  • Recall Reinforcement: Emphasise the “Come” command in diverse situations for improved recall.
  • Shaping Behaviours: Teaching your dog how to learn through offering behaviours.

Week 6 – Completion and Progression

  • Recap and Practice: Comprehensive review and practice of all commands and behaviours taught during the course.
  • Completion Ceremony: Celebrate your puppy’s achievements with the issuance of completion certificates.
  • Future Development: Discuss advanced training opportunities, enduring socialisation, and sustained obedience practice at home.

Your Investment

Our Puppy School is priced at $195 for 6 x 1-hour weekly sessions.

Don’t miss this opportunity to give your puppy the best possible start in life. Join our Puppy School and watch your furry friend grow into a well-behaved and confident companion.

Contact us to find out more information, or to secure your place in our next intake. We look forward to helping you and your puppy on this exciting journey!

Puppy School at Dural

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Puppy School at Townsville

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