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We are the proud sponsors of The Podcast for Pet Carers. A podcast about all things pet care, hosted by our very own Chief Training Officer, Glenn Cooke! Check out the episodes below, or subscribe via your favourite podcast service.

9 August 2023

Cameron Ford Odor Pays and Cognition

In our latest episode, Glenn Cooke sits down with a unique individual who has navigated the intricate pathways of canine cognition, detection dog training, and law enforcement – Cameron Ford. As...

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20 June 2023

A Better Social Program for your Dog

In our quest to ensure our beloved dogs live happy and healthy lives, it is crucial not to overlook the vital aspects of dog socialisation and habituation. In this episode of “The Podcast for Pet Ca...

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6 April 2023

From Primates to Pet Care Services

Sian Gildon, the manager at Dural Pet Resorts Australia, possesses a unique professional background of working with exotic animals in zoos, which she leverages in her role of supervising staff members...

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27 February 2023

Early Intervention with Dog Aggression and Behaviour

In this episode, we’ll be discussing the importance of early intervention with dog aggression and behaviour. I’m Glenn Cooke, and joining me is my co-host, Andrew Clark. We’re both passionate ab...

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17 January 2023

People And Culture In The Pet Care Industry

In our most recent episode, we got to discuss many of the misinterpretations in the HR world, particularly around bullying, harassment and discrimination with people and culture specialist, Cheryl McK...

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13 December 2022

Responsible Dog Ownership

In this episode, Glenn sat down with Greg Tredinnick, an experienced Council Ranger who has been working in the field for many decades in different states of Australia. Greg is a strong advocate for t...

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27 April 2022

The Benefits Of Grooming

Dog grooming has become such an important part of the pet industry, not just for cosmetic purposes, but for the health benefits it provides as well. Groomers play an important role in identifying chan...

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17 March 2022

The Effects Of Diet On Dogs Behaviour

In Episode 3 of our podcast, we had the pleasure of speaking with Narelle Cooke, a seasoned Naturopath, Nutritionist, and Herbalist who specialises in treating not only humans but also their pet dogs....

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3 March 2022

Some Facts Around Canine Cough

Managing Canine Cough can be a frustrating and dreaded experience for any business in the dog socialisation industry. The virus can spread quickly, with just one infected dog acting as a carrier and p...

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10 February 2022

The Benefits Of Training While Boarding Your Dog

When you plan your dream holiday, you might take great care in choosing the perfect room with all the amenities like in-house movies, a spa bath, and a comfortable bed. But, do you spend the whole tri...

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