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24 April 2024

Puppy School: Laying the Foundation for a Well-Behaved Adult Dog with Puppy Training

Introducing a puppy into your household is an exhilarating event packed with joy, affection, and playful bonding with your new furry family member. This delightful period also introduces the significa...

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20 April 2024

Puppy School or Home Training? Understanding the Benefits of Puppy Training Methods

Deciding on whether to enrol your puppy in a puppy school or to opt for training at home is an initial dilemma for many new pet owners. This decision is pivotal in shaping your puppy’s behaviour...

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10 April 2024

Debunking Dog Training Myths: Insights from Industry Experts

It’s widely believed that older dogs can’t learn new tricks, but this is simply not true. In reality, many misconceptions exist about dog training, including the idea that dog obedience tr...

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16 January 2024

Make Early Intervention of Behaviour Issues Your New Year’s Resolution

Make Early Intervention of Behaviour Issues Your New Year’s Resolution A large part of our workload is dealing with aggression and other behaviour problems; many of which have been known problems fo...

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24 November 2023

Barrier Aggression and Fence Fighting

Barrier aggression is a great point of stress for many dog owners and their neighbours. Sometimes, barrier aggression issues result in noise complaints and neighbourhood disputes. These behaviours, wh...

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30 October 2023

Choosing the Appropriate Training Aids for Your Dog

Choosing the Appropriate Training Aids for Your Dog When it comes to training your dog, selecting the appropriate training aids is a crucial step in achieving positive results. From the classic flat c...

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3 October 2023

“My Dog Reacts Without Warning!”

“My dog reacts without warning” is a common phrase we encounter at Canine Evolution when our services are being sought in relation to aggression and reactivity in dogs. However, it’s...

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12 September 2023

How to Get Your Dog Comfortable with Grooming

Grooming your furry friend is an essential part of responsible pet ownership. It not only keeps your dog looking their best but also promotes their overall health and well-being. However, many dogs ca...

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24 August 2023

Making Vet Visits a Positive Experience for Your Dog

A Comprehensive Guide to Making Vet Visits a Positive Experience for Your Dog Going to the vet can sometimes be a nerve-wracking experience for many Australian dogs. The unfamiliar surroundings, combi...

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10 August 2023

Dishing the Truth: Exploring the Link between your Dog’s Diet and Behaviour

The adage “you are what you eat” applies to dogs too. Often, we overlook the relationship between a dog’s diet and its behaviour. Research now indicates that a dog’s nutrition ...

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27 July 2023

Post-Pandemic Pooches: Tips for Managing Canine Behavioural Issues

The COVID-19 pandemic brought about unprecedented changes in our lives, affecting not only us but also our beloved pets. With more people working from home and spending increased time with their furry...

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13 July 2023

Hounding Houseguests: Tips on Reactivity

If you have a canine companion who exhibits behaviours such as whining, barking, or aggression when the doorbell rings or guests arrive, it’s likely a sign of dog reactivity. This behaviour can ...

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2 June 2023

Leash-Free Areas: Promoting Canine Welfare and Community

Leash-free areas offer dogs and their owners a valuable space to explore, socialise, and enhance overall well-being. These areas provide physical and mental health benefits by allowing dogs to exercis...

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16 May 2023

Puppy Socialisation and Habituation: How it can Shape your Puppy’s Life

Puppy socialisation and habituation are two essential factors that contribute to their overall well-being. Socialisation involves introducing a puppy to different experiences, people, animals, and env...

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2 May 2023

Sharing is Caring: Understanding and Managing Resource Guarding

Resource guarding is a prevalent behaviour observed in dogs and other animals, characterised by the aggressive protection of objects or spaces they consider valuable. This behaviour can encompass guar...

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11 April 2023

Dog Bite Prevention Week: Raising Awareness

Currently the USA is observing Dog Bite Prevention Week, but in Australia, there is no equivalent event. However we are using this occasion to raise awareness in our community. Canine Evolution conduc...

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27 March 2023

Indiscriminate Chewing And Property Destruction

Indiscriminate chewing can be a frustrating behaviour, particularly with puppies and adolescent dogs. Chewing is a natural behaviour for dogs; we just need to ensure the dog is chewing the right thing...

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22 February 2023

Benefits of Muzzle Training

Using a muzzle when training a dog has many benefits and can help to ensure a positive and safe experience for both the pet and the owner. A muzzle is a device that fits over a dog’s snout, prev...

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20 February 2022

How You Can Reward Your Dog

Win with food When using treats to reward your dog, make sure you do not feed your dog beforehand. Your dog will be more eager and better focused if your dog doesn’t have a full stomach. It is a...

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