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While your dog enjoys some rest and relaxation at one of our affiliated resorts, why not brush up on their obedience skills or sort out those bad habits once and for all.

There really is no better way for a dog to spend their time than having some quality instruction from some of the finest trainers right here in Australia. Training your dog will not only go on to introduce some valuable new manners or even tidy up some old rusty behaviours, it will also give your dog mental and physical stimulation during their time with us. Believe me, your dog will thank you and you too will enjoy the new and improved lifestyle with your dog.

When it’s time to leave, you can watch your dog show off their new skills with their trainer and then join in for a run through with your new and improved best friend.

(Well the same one, just better behaved!)

Hundreds of happy clients have enrolled their dog in our training programs and are raving about the results.

Why not try it yourself? You don’t even have to go on a holiday to have your dog Stay and Train with us!

Enrichment Training

Our Enrichment Training is a great addition for dogs that are only staying a couple of days and don’t meet the requirements for one of the below courses or can also be useful for dogs that are staying for a long term stay but don’t need set behavioural outcomes. Enrichment Training sessions are not designed to work on behavioural modification, however, are targeted to teaching the dogs new tricks such as spin, targeting and other fun commands. This provides them with mental stimulation and helps prevent boredom, anxiety and destructive behaviours by keeping their minds active and engaged.

Cost: $47 per session, plus accommodation costs.

1-Week Course

Designed for young dogs between 4 and 6 months of age or adult dogs who are needing to brush up on the basics. Our 1-Week Course provides an introduction to training and is great for sharpening up obedience. Many of our clients also enrol in this course to keep their dog’s minds active and give them that extra personal time and human companionship during their stay.

Our 1-Week course includes:

  • Leash pressure control during walking and socialising
  • Foundations of sit and drop
  • Foundations of calm greetings
  • Departure lesson

Your dog will benefit from this the same way we may enjoy fun activities when we go on holiday! This package is suitable for teaching basic behaviours in a low to moderate distraction level, with all training being on lead.

Cost: $90 per day, plus accommodation costs.

3-Week Course

Our 3-week course caters to most dogs, including those who have no real knowledge of obedience and need somewhere to start, or for cleaning up existing obedience.

Our 3-Week course includes:

  • Leash pressure control during walking and socialising
  • Sit
  • Drop
  • Progression into stand
  • Recall
  • Calm greetings
  • Progression into heeling
  • Foundations of go to place
  • Departure lesson
  • Follow up lesson at our location

This course is our most popular as the 3-week duration allows time for dogs to learn a wide range of behaviours or skills. It also allows time for reinforcing new behaviours and habits, as well as time for the trainer to work with the owner and teach them how to continue the training once the dog returns home. This can help ensure that the training is maintained, and that the dog’s progress is not lost.

Cost: $90 per day, plus accommodation costs.

5-Week Course

Our 5-week course is the most suitable course if your dog has some specific behavioural and aggression issues that need a little more time to work through. Our trainers are experts in obedience training and behaviour modification and are highly experienced working with dogs who require a little more thought into their training.

The 5-week course includes:

  • Leash pressure control during walking and socialising
  • Sit and stay
  • Drop and stay
  • Stand
  • Recall to front and return
  • Calm greetings
  • Heeling
  • Go to place
  • Behavioural modification
  • Departure lesson
  • 2 x Follow up sessions at our location

The course allows our trainers to intensively work with your dog over the entire 5-week period, ensuring the trainer and dog have time to bond and work together. This can help the dog feel more comfortable and responsive to the trainer and often results in a far more reliable, happy dog. We have a saying that a well-trained and well socialised dog is a happy dog, and behind every happy dog is a happy owner (and trainer!).

Cost: $90 per day, plus accommodation costs.

All dogs entering the Stay and Train program will be required to undertake a Behavioural Assessment and Training Plan lesson, which is $195 for one hour. This will be to determine the behaviour of the dog and set out clear expectations and realistic options from the Training Assessor.

In addition, we also offer top up training to those dogs who have previously completed a Stay and Train course for $70 per day, plus accommodation costs.



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