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A Better Social Program for your Dog

Dog Socialisation
20 June 2023

In our quest to ensure our beloved dogs live happy and healthy lives, it is crucial not to overlook the vital aspects of dog socialisation and habituation. In this episode of “The Podcast for Pet Carers,” experts Glenn Cooke, a renowned canine behaviourist and trainer, and Verity Sanders, a respected dog trainer, discuss the significance of these factors in shaping well-rounded and balanced dogs.

Socialisation and Habituation: Building a Strong Foundation

Glenn Cooke emphasised the importance of early socialisation in pets, stressing that exposure to various people, animals, and environments allows them to develop vital social skills and prevent behavioural issues later in life. Verity Sanders echoed this sentiment, emphasising the value of habituation—gradually exposing pets to unfamiliar stimuli, such as sounds, objects, and situations. This controlled exposure helps them adapt positively, preventing fear and anxiety-related problems.

Positive Experiences: A Key Component

Both experts agreed that creating positive experiences during socialisation and habituation is paramount. By rewarding dogs for calm behaviour and carefully managing their exposure to potential stressors, we can help them associate new experiences with positivity. This approach strengthens their overall well-being and cultivates a confident and well-adjusted demeanour.

Long-Term Benefits: Thriving Companions

Investing time and effort in early socialisation and habituation yields long-term benefits. Well-socialised and habituated pets exhibit better behaviour, enjoy improved relationships with humans and other animals, and cope more effectively in new or challenging situations. These skills are vital for their happiness and overall quality of life.

Overall, Glenn Cooke and Verity Sanders, through their insightful discussion, remind us of the significant impact socialisation and habituation have on our pets. By providing positive experiences, gradually exposing them to new stimuli, and well-planned training techniques, we can shape well-rounded and confident canines. Let’s prioritise socialisation and habituation to ensure our dogs thrive in a world full of new adventures and experiences.

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