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Responsible Dog Ownership

responsible dog ownership
13 December 2022

In this episode, Glenn sat down with Greg Tredinnick, an experienced Council Ranger who has been working in the field for many decades in different states of Australia. Greg is a strong advocate for training and development of his fellow rangers and the general public. He shared with Glenn some of the negative traits he has seen from mainly pet dog owners, such as entitlement, cruelty, and violence.

During the interview, Greg emphasised that people don’t have a right to touch someone else’s dog without their expressed consent. He pointed out that this is not only common courtesy, but it can also help avoid situations where dogs may bite someone. Glenn and Greg both advocate for more training in schools and a simple, common language in the general public around responsible dog ownership. This includes better behaviour from the public around other people’s pets.

Greg also explained the differences between a nuisance dog order, a menacing dog order, and a dangerous dog order. He highlighted the expensive costs and the immense amount of anguish involved in these situations. Ultimately, Greg and people like him are trying to help the public learn about responsible dog ownership and avoid these issues.

Overall, Glenn’s conversation with Greg was an eye-opener into the work that Council Rangers do and the importance of responsible dog ownership. It’s essential for dog owners to understand the impact their actions can have on their dogs, other people’s pets, and the wider community.

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